The password for Century3 is the name of the built-in cmdlet that performs the wget like function within PowerShell PLUS the name of the file on the desktop.

NOTE: -- If the name of the cmdlet is "get-web" and the file on the desktop is named "1234", the password would be "get-web1234". -- The password will be lowercase no matter how it appears on the screen


If I try to execute wget without parameters, Powershell lets me know it's running the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet.

PS C:\users\century2\desktop> wget

cmdlet Invoke-WebRequest at command pipeline position 1     // Invoke-WebRequest should be the first part of our flag
Supply values for the following parameters:

Then for the second part of the flag I need to get the name of the file on the desktop. My default working directory is the desktop so I only need to do a dir.

PS C:\users\century2\desktop> dir
    Directory: C:\users\century2\desktop
Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
-a----        8/30/2018   3:29 AM            693 443


With those informations the flag should be, in lowercase: invoke-webrequest443


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